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This season, we will be continuing with the Original Six jerseys to follow in the footsteps of our NHL teams, who went to 3 on 3 for Overtime and the All-star Game.

What is the structure for games?
Original Six 3 on 3 Hockey provides a short regular season, of 6 games then we will head into our Championship Weekend.  This will be a Championship Tournament July 14-16 th in Burlington (central to all centers).  The Tournament is included in your registration and adds to the excitement of the league. You will compete with Teams in all other Cities to determine a Champion.

We like the regular season of 6 games because if we face some noncompetitive games they will be kept to a minimum. Then we can structure the Championship Tournament for the most competitive games and to establish Champions, in as equally matched teams as possible. Everyone plays a minimum 10 game season including the tournament.

When does, the season start and end? Original Six 3 on 3 Hockey is a spring and summer league. We have leagues in Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, and Stoney Creek. League play for Sunday leagues begins between May 23rd and May 28th depends on your league, and runs to the Championship Weekend July 14-16 th.   Schedule is expected to be posted early May.

What day will my son/daughter play or can I choose which day?
Please see the individual City tab for specific details.   

How much does it cost?
League fees are $269.00  All payments can be paid in full which qualifies you for our Monthly Draw or we have payment plan if you paying by credit card. You can pay by credit card online when you register, or you can e-transfer money to support@3on3hockey,ca which is our preference, or you can send a cheque to be received within 2 weeks of registration. If you register within two weeks of the season you must use credit card or e-transfer no player can start the season if money is owing. 

How many player does each team carry?
Our goal is for each team to carry 10 - 12 skaters plus a Goalie. Players tend to miss games during a spring/summer season so a couple more players is a safety net to having enough each week. However everyone needs to understand that you may arrive at the Championship event with extra players, but with 4 games in one weekend everyone should get lots of ice-time.

How can I register?
Our registration is online. Registration is found under the specific city that you are interested in.  Complete the online form, and submit. You will receive a submission confirmation within 48 hours. If for some reason, you cannot complete the online form contact us

Do you offer girls only divisions?
This is not part of our offering however, we will gladly open a girl's only division as soon as registrations warrant. Girls can play in the boys division of their own age or one (1) age group lower depending on the skill level.

Can I register a team and, if so, how?
Yes... We are happy to set your team up on line and your players can then register right on to your team!  Everyone on your team must register for your team and pay individually for insurance purposes. As your players register, they will put your name in the "request to play" section of the registration form.

Which division do I sign my child up for?
You will be asked to indicate your child's birth year on the registration form. Divisions will be assigned as follows, however a child can play up 1 division if their skill level warrants. Please not that on your registration form.

2017 Divisions - Birth Year








Division 1   Division 2                 






2001/02       1999/00


Can my son/daughter play with their friend(s)?

Yes. Please fill in the "Request to Play" field on the registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

My child has never played Original Six 3 on 3, what are the rules? 
Please visit the rules and regulations tab on our website.

Can I volunteer to coach or assist on the bench?
Absolutely. Contact us at if you are interested in coaching, it is a very important role in operating the league and making it more fun for your child and others. Also check out our "Be a Coach" tab on the website.

What level is the hockey?
We accept all levels of players; however, teams will be ranked in the Championship Tournament according to team strength.

I can't commit every week; do you need reserve players? If so, what is the cost? 
Yes you can be a reserve player however due to insurance issues, players interested in being on our AP list must register as an AP and are restricted to play three (3) games during the season. There will be a fee of $120.00 to be on the AP list. AP players are not eligible for the Championship Tournament. Only Goalies can play more than three games in an emergency as we need Goalies to play the game. We plan to build our teams with 10 - 12 players to help with the weekly team roster. Unregistered players may not be used for any reason as they will NOT be covered by insurance.

I submitted the online form and received a confirmation, but I have not heard from a coach? 
Not to worry; your confirmation assures your spot. The league will contact all players within two weeks of the league beginning and will inform you of your team name, coach, arena and time of your first game. Your coach will also be provided your contact info and may speak with you before the first game, but if not they will meet you at the first game.

What is your refund policy and/or can I change my registration?
Cancellations received at least 2 weeks in advance of season start will receive full refund less a $50 administration fee. Cancelations less than 2 weeks prior to season start date will receive 50% refund. No refunds are given after the season has started. Changes to your registration may be subject to a $25 administration fee.

When does Original Six 3 on 3 registration close?
April 28, 2017.  However, as divisions fill we will close off registration so please register as soon as possible. 
 Keep an eye on the website for division updates.

Can my child play in a higher league?
Yes, your child can play up/or down a division depending on skill level. Please make sure you indicate on the registration form that you would like to play in the higher or lower division. You can also contact us at with your request if your registration is already completed.

Does my child play half-ice or full ice?
All divisions will play full ice hockey as it is our belief that skating skills, long range passing and open ice stick handling are more fully developed by using the full ice surface.

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