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Rules - Regulations

Section One: Governing Play 

  1. All CHA rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.
  2. The Management Committee has final authority concerning all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and general discretion of conduct.
  3. All players are required to wear neck guards and mouth-guards 
  4. Coaches must ensure there are least two adults in the dressing at any time players are present. If not, the Coach or parents should not enter the room. This is mandatory!   

Section Two: Teams 

  1. Only registered players on team rosters or waiting list may play (see Section Three)
  2. A full team shall be composed of (6) to twelve (12) skaters and one (1) goalie; If Teams are using an AP(s) player that (those) player(s) can only be used to bring the team up to 9 skaters and a Goalie. AP players must be of equal quality as missing player whenever possible. 
  3. Teams must start the game with a minimum six (6) players ie. 6 skaters and a goalie or the Convenor will look to provide players from the other team or another team in that division. 
  4. At any point in the game there is a five (5) goal difference the team behind are awarded the opportunity to play 4 on 3 and then if the game becomes a six (7) goal difference the team behind can play 5 on 3 until they catch up within five (5) goals it returns to 4 on 3 and if the game gets within 3 goals it returns to 3 on 3. If a Convenor believes, the game will be lopsided from the beginning they can allow the 4 on 3 hockey from the start of the game. This rule does not apply to the Championship Tournament where teams should be more balanced. 

Section Three: Replacements & Reserves 

  1. Notification must be given to the Convenor and/or opponent prior to the use of Replacements. Failure to give proper notification may result in possible suspension
  2. Teams must use other registered players from existing teams or AP list (if available) from your division or lower. A team may borrow from their opponent if required to meet the minimum number of players. However, the victory will be awarded to the team-sharing players, as their opponent did not meet the minimum required players.
  3. Teams can use up to as many players as needed to bring their roster to the minimum players.
  4. Unregistered players may NOT be used for any reason. Players interested in being on our AP list must register as an AP and are restricted to play three (3) games during the season. An AP will pay $20.00 per game they play either by e-transfer to or by giving a cheque (no cash) to the Convenor.
  5. Registration is required due to insurance liability; any unregistered player will not be covered by insurance.
  6. The Convenor will inform the league that an AP has been used in a game so they are covered by insurance.

Section Four: Rules of Play 

  • All games will be NON-BODY CHECKING
  • All games will be 3 - fifteen minute running time periods with exception of Tyke which will be two 22:30 periods to allow for 1:30 minutes shifts. (at the Championship Tournament we will play two 22:00 periods to assist in keeping on time)
  • Face-offs will occur only at the beginning of each period 
  • When play is stopped due to the goalie controlling the puck or a goal was scored, a whistle will signal the attacking players to vacate the zone. Once all the attackers have exited the zone, the players may re-enter to resume play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all exited the zone. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.
  • There is no centre-ice (red) line, and therefore no icing calls.
  • No one player may score more than three (3) goals per period and a total of six (6) goals per game. If a player scores more than three (3) goals in a period or a total of six (6) goals, the goal does not count and a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team for each goal scored over three (3) goals per period or six (6) total in a game. Coaches and Convenor will ensure timekeepers are keeping accurate records and inform the referees and coaches about players that have scored too many goals. Exceptions: A player may score as many goals as they can if their team is losing or tied. Once their team takes the lead, they play under the three (3) and six (6) goal restriction. 
  • SHOT HITTING GOALIE MASK If a shot hits a Goalie in the mask the play will be immediately blown down and the play will be dead. We are doing this to provide safety to our Goalies and to make the call simple for the ref??s and to provide coaches and parents a clear understanding of the call Discussion, has brought up the point of a puck hitting a Goalie Mask and the puck going directly in the net. Some coaches have asked for this to be called a goal because Goalie safety is not at risk. While considering this we feel that any time a Goalie is hit in the mask potential injury is a possibility. The Goalies instincts are to move towards a puck even if it is on the net because they often don'tt know that it has gone in the net. Any movement by a Goalie that could be made with a mask ajar or off completely exposes the Goalie to injury. If the Goalie knows that as soon as his mask is hit the play is dead, they will not make any additional moves providing safety.
  • When offside' s are called in Original Six 3 on 3 hockey, players must retreat into the neutral zone before they can attack again...there is no faceoff, just a whistle 
  • Tyke and Novice off-sides are not called for first three games
  • Teams do not switch ends after each period and there is no meeting at the bench, a faceoff will take place at centre ice. 

Section Five: Shifts 

  1. Player shifts at Tyke, will be 90 seconds shifts this allows for the extra time it takes our youngest skaters to make a shift change. All other divisions Novice to Junior will be 60 seconds shifts. A buzzer will sound to signal the end of each shift. 
  2. Bench doors MUST remain closed until the sound of the buzzer
  3. Once the buzzer sounds, players must stop playing the puck immediately and proceed directly to the bench. The fresh line can leave the bench immediately but the players proceeding to the bench can not intentionally play the puck or interfere with an opponent to prevent them from gaining possession of the puck. An infraction of this rule will result in the other team getting possession of the puck. Goalkeepers are not permitted to play the puck during line changes until the first skater from their team has left the players bench. Goalkeepers can not come out to play the puck beyond the top of the face off circle.
  4. In the case of a shortened bench due to any reason at the sound of the buzzer all players must contact the boards in front of the team bench, this contact must be made with their glove, not their stick...the double-shifted player(s) may then rejoin the action after having touched the bench boards
  5. Failure to immediately relinquish control of the puck at the sound of the buzzer or new players entering the ice surface prematurely may result in a penalty (see Minor Penalties) for the offending team
  6. In the absence of a goaltender, teams will play with four (4) skaters. (5 in the case of Tyke where they already play 4 on 4 hockey). The fourth skater may not exit their zone except to change or in the last shift of the game. Fourth skaters are not required to change on the buzzer and can change at any time.

Section Six: Minor Penalties 

  1. All penalties will result in a penalty shot being awarded and player number recorded on the game sheet. Penalty Shots will take place immediately in the chase format from centre ice. 
  2. Coincidental penalties shall result in a faceoff at centre ice, time continues to run so players experience the lost ice time of these penalties.
  3. Any player having been assessed three (3) minor penalties in the same game will be automatically ejected from that game
  4. Players ejected with five (5) minutes left to play in the game shall be assessed a further (1) game suspension
  5. If a player is ejected during a second game under rule three (3) that player will be served a further one (1) game suspension
  6. A third ejection will result in a disciplinary hearing with the Convenor for further suspension or possible expulsion from the league.
  7. Body checking penalties will be deemed as two (2) offences on the score sheet only. Two (2) body checking penalties in the same game will result in the immediate ejection from that game plus a further (1) game suspension.
  8. If there is a delayed penalty and the offended team scores, the penalty is still recorded to the timekeeper.
  9. Any player having been assessed two (2) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game shall be assessed a minimum one (1) game suspension pending further review by the Convenor.

Section Seven: Major Penalties 

  1. Major penalties will result in the immediate ejection of the offending player(s) and suspension pending further review by the Convenor. Minimum 1 game suspension.
  2. Fighting majors will result in the penalized players being expelled from the league indefinitely pending further review by the Convenor. Minimum 3 game suspension.
  3. The League reserves the right to stop play and terminate a game at any time if there is reason to believe that the safety of the participant�?�¢??s is in danger

Section Eight: Coaches, Managers 

  1. Up to (3) three coaches, assistants or trainers may be on the benches. All bench personnel must be a minimum 21 years of age and registered with the league
  2. Coaches are required to make every effort to ensure EQUAL ICE TIME for all Original Six 3 on 3 participants and there is to be no shortening of the bench. Use of players should be in a rotation basis nothing to do with skill set.  
  3. Coaches, we respect that any form of hockey can create a passionate response. However, we ask that you do not yell at the Referees. These games are meant to be fun and we are trying to promote good sportsmanship amongst players. You do not set a good example for the young players if you act in this fashion. You must consider the image you project to your players when you are on the bench. If you feel that your players are at risk of harm from a game that is not being called tightly in regards to penalties, please calmly ask the referee to your bench and express your concern. If you still feel there was not an adequate job done in referring, please see our Convenor after the game and file a report. We will review that referee's performance in coming games.
  4. Any bench personnel having been ejected from a game, for any reason, will be automatically suspended for a minimum 1 game and subject to further review for possible expulsion from the league. INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR, CONDUCT OR LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
  5. In the absence of a goaltender and where a team is using a fourth skater as a replacement, any player taking a slap shot towards the goal shall be assessed an "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty

Coaches we encourage you to meet before the game and set up a line matching strategy so good players play with good and weaker with weaker if possible. (This does not apply for the Champinship Tournament.

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